Silvermouse specialises in the secure management and workflow of media metadata within the broadcast industry.

This is the latest service brought to you by the people at Soundmouse to incorporate a full metadata set for all content types as it moves securely between content producers, editors and broadcasters in defined workflows within the media work cycle offering privileged access to data both at departmental and at individual user levels.

Metadata modules include:

  • Generation of Unique Identifiers at Series, Program and Version levels
  • Full Program integrated Taxonomy
  • Copyrights (including Archive Footage, Stills, Text)
  • Synopses and Billings (as delivered to broadsheets)
  • Compliance (Language, Sexual, Religious, other)
  • Authors & Contributors (including Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers, Musicians, Editors)
  • Full Rights and Contracts
  • Music Metadata and Music Reporting (Tracks, Cue Sheets and reporting to Collection Societies – see
  • Technical Information
  • Materials (EDLs, Scripts and other)
  • Data Analysis and Usage Reports

We integrate to Asset Management, Rights Management and Broadcast Scheduling Systems via APIs, XML Web Services and bespoke file exchange formats.

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Welcome to Soundmouse

Soundmouse is the web-based service for Broadcasters, Producers and Distributors to manage, store and distribute music cue sheets worldwide.

We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of customer care with a dedicated and growing service and development team.

Soundmouse now has over 450 Broadcast Channels and 1500 Production Companies worldwide.

For Broadcasters, Producers and Distributors, Soundmouse will:

  • provide efficiencies to significantly reduce the headache and costs in terms of time and resources needed to manage, report and distribute cue sheets
  • provide access to the industry standard system for managing cue sheets
  • improve the accuracy and availability of cue sheet information
  • join your organisation to the single established platform for the entry, management, reporting and distribution of cue sheets

If you are a Broadcaster, Soundmouse will help you:

  • receive cue sheets directly from Producers in a standardized format
  • create your own database of cue sheets
  • automatically match cue sheets with Channel Transmission Logs
  • analyze your music usage and create management reports
  • carry out your reporting to Copyright Societies and other music licensors
  • distribute your cue sheets to third parties

If you are a Producer, Soundmouse will help you:

  • enter your cue sheets quickly and simply
  • access databases to find cue details
  • create your own archive of all your productions' cue sheets
  • copy and add or edit music details from one cue sheet to another
  • deliver cue sheets directly to your commissioning Broadcaster's music department, publisher or collection society as you decide

If you are a Distributor, Soundmouse will help you:

  • organise, digitize and database your existing cue sheets
  • receive cue sheets from your programme suppliers in a standardized format
  • deliver cue sheets to your clients throughout the world